Struggling With Your

Watercolour Seascapes?

Join Watercolour Seascapes Mastery today!

Take your watercolour seascapes from washout to wow in just six weeks!

Oh here we go again! Yet another watercolour painting course!

Yet another tutor promising me the earth that won’t deliver!”…

No doubt that’s what you’re thinking and I wouldn’t blame you either - I’ve been there before? I know that many of you have spent a lot of money on lessons, dvds, books and coaching over the years and they all promised you the earth but didn’t deliver did they!

So why is this so different?

Well first of all you will be getting taught by a professional artist (not an art teacher) who has been in your shoes before and understands that you just want someone to show you some great techniques that will get you the results you want with the least amount of effort and preferably sometime this century! That sound about right? Well your in the right place my friend!

I regularly have people attending my workshops & taking my courses who have fine art degrees and they are the first ones to admit that what they have learned in one workshop with me very often has helped them to progress more than anything they ever learnt in 4-5 years at art school.

As a self-taught professional artist I have been able to grow and experiment over the last 30+ years without the constraints of a formal education in fine art and I have found that it is actually really simple to produce good work when you ignore all the twaddle out there and just concentrate on a few simple guidelines and a few basic techniques. Incidentally the techniques that I will show in the course will also get you results in half the time it would take you using some of the more traditional techniques you may have picked up along the way.

As a self-taught professional artist I have been able to grow and experiment over the last 30+ years without the constraints of a formal education in fine art and I have found that it is actually really simple to produce good work when you ignore all the twaddle out there and just concentrate on a few simple guidelines and a few basic techniques. Incidentally the techniques that I will show in the course will also get you results in half the time it would take you using some of the more traditional techniques you may have picked up along the way.

Through demonstrations and workshops at art societies & clubs I have helped potentially thousands of other watercolour artists of all levels and abilities to loosen up their painting style & speed up their progress with the medium and I believe I can help you to do the same given the chance.

Think about it! How would you like to learn to produce fully finished watercolour paintings in less than 2 hours - every time!

What about if you could learn in a way that’s fun, engaging and more importantly provides you with techniques & procedures that will ensure your painting time is super productive!

And as an added bonus there is very little theory involved!… Because lets face it, you don’t really want to spend months learning the theory do you?.. You just want to paint!

The Watercolour Seacape Mastery course is made up of a collection of no nonsense videos that get straight to the point and get you painting by giving you a short exercise or two to complete using each of the techniques you are shown.

These lessons are then compounded later when you get the opportunity to follow along with the four full length workshops (1-2 hours) that will show you in a practical way how to pull everything you have learned together and to use it to create beautiful images you can be proud of.

So who exactly is

‘Watercolour Seascape Mastery’ for?

Well basically if you are anywhere between these two groups you will be fine:


I know what a paint brush is and can hold one, I can also add water to the paint and put it on the paper…



I am a proficient artist. I can paint up a storm but really need to loosen up a bit to get my work to where I want it to be…

What Do Other Students Say About WLM?

It’s always good to hear from a few other people just like you who have already taken the plunge so here are what just a few of my WLM graduates thought about the course…

This has been the most amazing journey.

In 12 weeks, and with the guidance of Maestro Greg, I have changed from someone who does ‘art’ to someone who is an Artist. I know that because now, when I paint I do so with enjoyment, enthusiasm and growing confidence. I have ideas in my head all the time, new techniques to experiment with. And guess what? I know that this is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of the rest of my journey - more experimentation, more development and more confidence to go on and on.

Thank you Maestro Greg, I will be forever grateful 😍

Chris kirvan

Another absolute WINNER from Greg! His courses are inspirational, fun filled with encouragement from start to finish.

I’ve learnt so much and taken another massive leap forward in my development as an Artist - back in March before I started the Watercolour Landscape Mastery Course I was a person who tried to paint - after 12 weeks I became an Artist - no joking. His techniques give incredible results. As I stated in my previous review, if there is one thing you do for yourself this year - make it one of Greg’s courses - even better pledge to do two things - BOTH of these unique courses.

There is only one down side…….they come to an end to soon!! Solution - go back to the beginning and wait for the next one to be released. Will I sign up for future courses - without a doubt.

Thanks Greg I’ve learnt so much and gained incredible confidence on this journey that I didn’t ever dream I would have.

Rated 5 out of 5

Jacqueline Maher

I write this review on the completion of the final painting of a 12 week course, which should have only been 10 but Greg in his enthusiasm spilled out even more delights for us to paint, such is his enthusiasm and love of Watercolour. This has been a roller coaster ride with the rails and carriage removed on the journey. Does he teach outside the box? That was thrown in the paper bin years ago!

As I reflect back why I booked on the course it was as an emerging beginner. I was desperate to paint rolling mist over the fells, rain filling bulging streams and waterfalls, wild sky’s full of wind with light shinning on parts of a valley or distant mountain. To learn about layering, translucent paint, sable or hog hair brushes and numerous other things I’d not even dreamed about. To enable me to replace my painted fried egg sunsets with pink instant whip ( sorry an age comment) clouds! Trees with stick out arms and unnecessary fluffy details etc.

His relaxed, fun tutorials which reflect his brilliance as a teacher are easy to watch, full of challenges every week with individual feedback.

Will I book on another course, definitely a yes.

Jenny Porter

Wow you certainly opened my eyes! I didn’t realise just how much all the little habits I have picked up have stifled my progress. As you said we all just assume that because it’s in a book that it must be how things are done and never think to question it. I have a feeling that me and watercolour are going to become best buddies again lol!

Dave Stockton

Thank you for a great painting course I really enjoyed it. I thought I would learn a couple of tips for painting watercolours but had my painting world turned upside down.

You answered many of my half-thought questions for which I hadn’t realised that I was looking for answers.

I was heading towards being a watercolour purist but you have opened up the door for me to a wider interpretation of applying the media.

Its going to take a while to incorporate my learning into my new paintings but I am looking forwards to the challenge with supercharged vigour.

I now understand why your courses are so popular. Thanks again

Brian Gilbert

Thanks Greg I learned so many new techniques and also areas where I was going so wrong in my current work.

Everything was so easy to follow and your demonstrations brought everything into reality.

The rule books have been discarded!….Cheers once again!

Neil Roebuck

Look let’s be honest. Why are you here on this page today?…

would guess it’s because you like many others probably took up painting to have fun but somewhere along the road to artistic genius you have got a little lost and what used to fill you with joy has sometimes become well, a little stressful maybe even downright frustrating!

Am I right?….

Now how could I possibly know that?

Simple, I know this because I was in your shoes at one point and found myself really struggling to make any progress. I was lucky because I found a way forward where unfortunately so many others don’t!

So what changed?…

I threw the rule book away and found a different approach and that’s exactly what I would like to show you. So, you up for it?…

Well this sounds great but it also sounds very expensive Greg.

Am I going to need to remortgage my house for this?…

Well lets be realistic about this. What are you actually getting here and how much is it worth realistically?

If I could save you years of frustration, bring the joy back into your painting sessions and help to make your painting time not only more fun but 10x more productive through showing you how you can implement a slightly different approach and a few simple techniques that will make painting any element of your seascapes an absolute doddle then what would that be worth to you?

If you are serious about your painting then the idea of someone handing you a magic box of tricks that will make things easier, faster and more fun probably just sounds like a bit of a pie in the sky fairy story but that is essentially what I am looking to do for you.

I have in essence converted over thirty years painting experience of painting seascapes into a short 6 week tuition program for you to which you will have lifetime access!

In addition to this you will also have direct email access to me, access to the private members only Facebook group, and a life-time discount on your art materials and all for just £397!

That’s right for just a one-off payment of £397 you get all of that and more importantly you gain a new found confidence in your own artistic skills and the ability to move forward with your development as an artist!


I can also help you to lose weight!

That’s right - this course can help you lose weight!

How’s that then?

Well you can join this program and have life-time access to all the lessons and bonuses by just skipping takeaway for a couple of months!

Here’s the math’s for that bit:

£397 ÷ 13 Lessons = Just £30 per lesson!

That’s Cheaper Than a Takeaway!

According to research, British people spend roughly

£80-£90 per month on average on takeaway!


Skip the vindaloo for a couple of months

and invest in this course (I know it’s hard!)

take a huge leap forward as an artist

AND lose a ton of weight!….Maybe……

O.K….Probably not but it’s a definite possibility!

(Legal Disclaimer: Any claims regarding weight loss as a direct result of this program are completely unsubstantiated and solely based

on the opinion of a slightly nutty artist trying to convince you to let him help you improve your paintings!)

Skip the Takeaway for 13 weeks =

Artistic genius! + More energy! Less risk of heart disease! Better sex life!!

O.k I’m only having a giggle here (sort of) but you can see the point I am trying to make. For what you get £397 is not too big a dent in your wallet.

So now you know how much it is I suppose you want to see what’s under the hood? Here you go!…..

See Inside The Watercolour Seascape Mastery Program!...

The Elements

In this module I will be teaching you a variety of techniques and showing you through practical exercise paintings just how you can use them to paint the various individual elements that might be found in typical seascape paintings.

Some of these techniques may be unfamiliar to you but they are techniques that I have developed over many years with just one thing in mind. Getting what's in your head out on to that paper as efficiently and concisely as possible with the minimum amount of fussing and faffing!

These are the building blocks that you will build your success on!

All the Elements of a Seascape! - The Lessons

WEEK 1: Beaches

Beaches the bedrock of the seaside so to speak and also usually the first place people go wrong when it comes to a seascape…”and I’ll just add a wash of yellow and that’s the beach done!”…..BORING!!!! So we won’t be have any of that here!

WEEK 2: Mudflats & Marshes

A demonstration lesson that will show you how to paint a marsh scene. This incorporates a range of techniques that will give you the ability to convey this type of coastline quickly & convincingly with the minimum amount of fuss!

WEEK 2: Sea Cliffs & Rocky Coastlines

Around the U.K we have our fair share of beautiful beaches but in my mind the best & most dramatic coastlines and the ones that are great to paint are the rocky coastlines. Sheer cliffs, towering sea stacks & jagged rocks this lesson will show you how to paint them all!

WEEK 3: Waves

Waves the one thing that attracts us all to the coast if we are honest. They also There is nothing quite like watching the white horses running in to get the heart pumping it has to be one of natures most powerful forces yet at the same time in complete contrast the sound and sight of gentle waves slowly running up a quiet sandy beach can be the most relaxing thing in the world.

These two lessons will give you a range of techniques that will help you to convey both with the minimum amount of fuss & fiddling.

WEEK 4: Man Made Elements

Three lessons this week as we will be tackling the rather large subject of us lot! We love living by the sea and as a result man makes his influence felt in a number of ways that we need to learn to include in our seascapes if we want to expand our subject matter beyond just beaches and rocky coastlines. I’m talking boats, harbours, fishing villages and all that stuff - this week you get it all!

The Workshops

This module helps to compound the skills you have learned over the last few weeks and possibly give you a few more just for good measure.

Confidence in your own ability is the one thing that will enable you to progress in your painting more than anything else so over the next 2 weeks you will be completing 4 paintings (2 each week) designed to test your skills out and show you just how far you have progressed!

Here's where I prove to you that YOU CAN paint beautiful, atmospheric watercolour seascapes that have focus, drama and presence and what’s more you can do it in just a couple of hours rather than weeks!

Bringing it all together! -

The Workshops:

WORKSHOP #1 - Bringing Home The Catch

In this workshop you are going to paint a fishing boat or three coming back to harbour with their catch. By the time you are done with this one you will be able to hear the seagulls and smell the fish’n’chips!


In this lesson you are going to paint a dramatic stormy sea & sky complete with huge waves, jagged rocks, lighthouse and we may add in a fishing boat just for good measure! You’re going to love this one!

WORKSHOP #3 - Last Walk Along The Beach!

This workshop is where you will paint a lovely romantic scene that portrays a young (or old) couple walking hand in hand along the beach on the the last night of their holiday. Lots of lovely wet sand reflections, a dramatic sunset and some fantastic textures.

WORKSHOP #4 - A Safe haven!

This final workshop of the course is one where we really test your mettle with a busy harbour scene including fishing boats, fisherman’s cottages, harbour walls, fishermen and lot’s more. I guarantee you however that this will take at least half the time you would have normally took to paint this before!

These two lessons will give you a range of techniques that will help you to convey both with the minimum amount of fuss & fiddling.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I should probably mention here that as far as I am concerned this program is a work in progress. So as you and the other students progress through the training I will be listening and will be more than happy to take on board suggestions for other lessons you may be interested in seeing.

This outline is just that - an outline! It is highly likely that new lessons will be added in the future but regardless of when you join the program you will still have access to everything there is now plus any new additional training added in the future and at no extra cost.

Still Thinking About It? Really!….O.k Then How About This!…

So if after seeing all that you are still here on this page at this point and not reaching for your credit card then I know you’re probably one of those people who is having that little battle in your head right now. You know the one that goes a little bit like this:

“Emotional Self”

Emotional Self: Wow this looks like just what I was looking for? I’ll be as good as Turner within a few weeks…

Logical Self: Yeah, yeah but we could spend that money on a washing machine!…

Emotional Self: Maybe but that would be boring and being good at painting will make me happier and you less stressed!…

Logical Self: Oh I don’t know, hmmm. I need something other than that to justify the purchase….

Emotional Self: Don’t be such a killjoy!…

Logical Self: Don’t be so impetuous! remember the bungee jumping incident, and that other time when you didn’t listen to me

Emotional Self: Neh, Neh, Neh, Neh!!!…..

“Logical Self”

That sound a little familiar? Don’t worry I’m a bit like that to so what about if I gave you a few extras! In fact how about I give you enough extras to cancel the cost of the course out?

Have a look at this…



A £100 voucher which you can redeem against any 3-Day Watercolour MASTERY LIVE event. These events are exclusively for Mastery course graduates and are great fun!



A 10% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on all Art Materials purchased through my website!

Yes, you read that correctly, that’s right I did say LIFETIME DISCOUNT!!!



LIFETIME ACCESS TO: Private Members Only Mastery FB Group for feedback from myself & your peers. Meet your fellow students & get access to even more tip & tricks.



So What Happens After You Push That Big Blue Button?

Well first of all you will be taken to checkout to make payment for your program - that’s the worst bit! After that everything just gets better and better as we work through the program.

Once your payment has been processed you will be redirected to the welcome page you will also receive an email with your receipt that contains a link to the course login page plus your personal login details as well as your course outline and start date and a few more details you may find helpful - please make sure you keep this email handy. It may also be helpful if you add to your list of approved email senders to ensure that this email does not end up in your spam folder or worse.

Just so you are aware you can actually login to the course directly from the navigation menu on my main site. Just hover above the tuition tab on the main menu and look for the link that says “Watercolour Academy” click it then once on that page look for the big button that says “Academy Member Login”.

Over the course of the next few days I will email you a few times before we actually start just to keep in touch and to give you a few pointers on equipment etc. Please ensure you open and read these emails as they are important to your success with this program.

As always with me if you have any questions what so ever regardless of how stupid you may think the question please drop me an email to and ask away or click the live chat button at the bottom right of the page! Remember the only stupid questions are the ones that you don’t ask.

See you on the inside!…

(P.S. That’s the bottom of the page now - I have no more to say, I’m done talking……Just go and click the button!….)