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Watercolour MASTERY Membership

Get your learning back on track with monthly workshops, tips, techniques & resources. Learn a new approach to watercolour and see how you can paint fantastic watercolour paintings you’re proud of quickly & easily!

So You Want to Paint Fantastic, Loose, Vibrant Watercolours

But...Usually End Up With Something A Bit Naff!

You Know You Have Some Great Paintings Inside You Just Bursting To Come Out But…

What Usually Happens Is…


You Can Copy Someone Else's Work But Can't Seem To Create Anything Original

You've followed lesson after lesson and you might be pretty good but you still struggle to paint anything that's truly yours.


Every 2nd Painting You Do Ends Up In The Bin Because They All Lack That Magical Something

You put hours of graft into each painting and every time you either end up with a mess of haphazard detail or something that's just plain old boring!


Instead Of Being Fun & Enjoyable Your Painting Time Always Ends Up Being Stressful

Everything seems to take so long, nothing ever seems to work the way you think it would and painting is just no fun anymore!

Maybe It's You That's The Problem!

Maybe You Should Just Give Up!

Well Just Hang On For A Second Because…

Here's Something That May Surprise You!...


That's right! Talent has absolutely nothing to do with it!

The idea that we have to be blessed by the universe with some mythical talent is something put about by the type of people who try things for five minutes and then give up because they get a bit difficult. Their failure is not down to a lack of talent but rather due to their lack of effort & commitment to get better at something.

The idea that any ability we have is preordained also shows a complete disregard for the time & effort some of us put into honing our craft.

So what about people like you who do put in the effort? You read the books, you watch the dvds, you follow endless step by step painting lessons & exercises. You sleep, eat & poop watercolour and still you're not getting anywhere! Why?!

Well here's where I need you to pay attention!...

YOU'RE NOT THE PROBLEM! - It's the way you are learning to paint that's causing the problem!

The traditional way of learning to paint with watercolour is just not effective and regardless of how hard you try and how much you practice you put in you're probably still going to struggle.

So how can you change this? Well, that's actually quite simple...

You just need to find a tutor who has already made all the mistakes for you who can guide you in a way that will ensure you continue to make progress whilst avoiding the common mistakes everyone else makes.

More importantly though your tutor needs to be able to show you how to develop your own personal creativity and artistic identity so that you don't just end up becoming a clone of themselves.

You've got one of those haven't you?...No?

Well maybe I can help you with that!

Hi, I'm Greg And I Get You!...

How do I know that? Well once upon a time not so long ago I was asking myself exactly the same questions and coming up against exactly the same issues & problems that you are with watercolour.

So what changed? Did I suddenly find a magic key or grow a talent tree? Well no but one day in a moment of clarity it suddenly dawned on me that no one is born an artist - which means EVERYONE starts at the same level. It therefore followed that if I wasn’t getting any better then my lack of progress must be down to what or how I was learning! -

Makes sense doesn’t it! So, I changed my approach and very, very quickly went from being ready to throw my paintbrushes in the bin to being able to quickly & confidently paint beautiful watercolour paintings.

I’ve now spent the last decade and a bit as a full-time professional artist and have provided hundreds of demos & workshops for art clubs & societies across the U.K helping lots of other people just like you understand why they struggle so much with this medium and exactly how simple it can be to change that.

I think I can also help you if you're willing!

Introducing the...

Get The Secrets To Producing Great Paintings Straight From A Professional Artist

For Less Than The Cost Of A Decent Paint Brush!


My new online Watercolour MASTERY program allows you the chance to access workshops & practical lessons from my highly commended Watercolour MASTERY courses for a small monthly fee. Let me show you exactly why so many people struggle to progress and paint well with this medium and how you can quickly overcome these hurdles. The methods & techniques I will teach will help shorten your learning curve and get you producing paintings you're proud off. And and more importantly - you will have lots of fun while you're learning to do that!

So Whats Included in the Membership?...

24/7 Online Access to a Ton of Watercolour Workshops

Every workshop is over an hour long and will take you from blank sheet of paper to finished painting. The videos are not step-by-step lessons as such but rather workshop demonstrations that will help you strengthen your core watercolour skills and teach you new techniques practically while you are painting. I'm not interested in showing you how to replicate exactly a handfull of dumbed down paintings that I have produced for students. That does not help you at all. So in the workshops I produce I paint in exactly the same way as I always paint warts'n'all.

Each workshop is recorded in real-time because I want to show you how quickly you can get something great down on the paper with the minimum amount of fuss when you get your head out of the way and approach things in a way that will help set you up for success rather than failure.

24/7 Online Access to my Watercolour Top Tips Video Series

These little nuggets of watercolour gold will help keep you progressing & learning even when you are short on time. Each top tip video is between 2-10mins in duration and focuses on one thing whether this be on getting your artistic mindset right or a way to approach a particular subject or even a particular technique you may find useful.

Great thing about this section is that even when you don't have the time to get your paints out have a go at something substantial you can still use your time productively to learn something.

24/7 Online Access to Fantastic Arty Resources

The resources section of the membership is full of little nuggets of gold that will help you not only with your painting but also provide help & advice for when you are ready to start exhibiting & selling your own work.

Everything from paper size charts to advice on building your own website to details on print on demand websites you can sell your work from - basically anything I have used or found helpful over the years that I think you may also benefit from.

PLUS New Content Added EVERY MONTH!

That's right! As long as you are subscribed you will have 24/7 365 day a year online access to the complete back catalogue of membership lessons & tutorials and every month new workshops, tips & resources are added.

So you should never be short of things to have a go at!


You Also Get The Following!

Access To The Watercolour MASTERY Facebook Group!

Consider this your go to group where you can post your attempts at the demos, talk and connect with other like-minded individuals - after all we're all in this together.

This is an invaluable resource as sharing your work in a safe environment like this will help build your confidence and you will also be able to get feedback on your work that will help you to target the areas where you need to improve. This will help shorten your learning curve even more!

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Sound good? Of course it does! Let’s get you out of that rut & moving forward!…

Don't Forget If You Keep Doing The Same Things

Then You’re Going To Keep Getting The Same Results!

So If You Want To Progress You Need To Start Approaching Watercolour Differently!...


If you honestly feel you didn’t take any value away from the course then just email me within 7-days for a full no question’s asked refund.

That said, in order to move forward & progress, sometimes we need to question and even let go of some old habits & approaches that we may have previously just accepted as the way things are done. So, if this is not you then let’s not waste each other’s time!

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